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Serious Student


The capacity to navigate friction points with grace

A willingness to sit with silence, and to hold courageous conversations

An awareness of the 'question behind the question'

'Connecting the Dots' in behaviour, actions and results

What does emotional intelligence mean to you?  Do the words intuition, active listening and empathy spring to mind when you hear this phrase?

Emotional intelligence is at the heart of any good interpersonal relationship.  It enables us to 'read' the person we're speaking with and to be attuned to their state of mind and motivations in personal and professional interactions.  It is a crucial ingredient in forming lasting and authentic relationships to key stakeholders, customers and team-mates.

If emotional intelligence is lacking within your organisation, now is the time to act.  Teams with improved emotional intelligence and awareness are not only more powerful in their dealings with external contacts, they also display more optimal performance in the following key areas.

Get in touch today if you feel your business could benefit from growing in these skills.

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