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Regional Medical Affairs Lead

Global Pharmaceutical Company, Asia

We engaged The Echelon Effect because of their deep experience & expertise in understanding the rare disease business model and its challenges and opportunities for success. Dave has both a strategic and hands on approach which makes it a great partnership. We were you looking to enhance our internal team capabilities, sharing best practices and building future talent to take our regional teams performance from good to great.

The facilitation & delivery phase was clear, with end to end programme deliverables and defined metrics for success.

We saw great results achieved through the partnership with Echelon Effect. We were able to capture early on those quick wins and build on the teams capabilities to drive business growth through effective partnership with our customers.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David and the services from Echelon Effect. Great results.

Quotation Marks

Education and Training Manager

Medical Supply Business, Australia

We sought to engage with David after he was highly recommended by a trusted source who had done previous work with him. We were looking to work on effective change management and cultural shift as well as leadership team engagement and inclusiveness.

The facilitation & delivery phase was brilliant. David gets it; his comprehensive industry experience and vital emotional intelligence meant we didn’t have to over-explain what we do and how we do it. This understanding, combined with David’s passion and drive, made the process simple, highly effective and enjoyable.

We observed almost instant change in the dynamics of the leadership team with inclusiveness and understanding and a common united charter. We all wanted to be there and after working with David we were better able to understand each other and work as a cohesive unit. The initial work we did has driven us to seek David’s work again for our front line sales team in coaching and development. David’s programs are comprehensive and have delivered on more than we realised we needed and ensured we can move forward successfully long after the program finished.

I would highly recommend the Echelon Effect to any organisation that is looking to improve their internal and external outcomes with a skilled and personable facilitator who will understand your business, you and works tirelessly to deliver your outcomes.

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Head of Medical Affairs

Global Pharmaceutical Company, China

David is experienced in commercial excellence related work, meanwhile is familiar with my therapeutic area. We expect his experiences would bring more value for our daily work, to improve efficiency and develop people.

I think David has brough some systemic training for my team in daily work, especially for field workforce, the training provided further improved team skill in objection handling, virtual engagement and insights collection. He is dedicated to driving results, good at engaging stakeholders and increasing influence. Overall, he is excellent in delivering results.

I think David delivered a wonderful job, if anything I can suggest, maybe take more time to understand the customers, the status quo and their needs, to ensure a win-win results.

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Commercial Director

Large Pharmaceutical Company, Singapore

I worked with Dave in Actelion and had the pleasure of attending many workshops he facilitated as well as collaborating with him to roll out a capability build program for key account management for South East Asia. When he started out The Echelon Effect and I had identified a need to run a series of workshop focused on stakeholder engagement excellence, it just seems natural to look for Dave!

We required customized programs looking at driving growth mindsets, addressing friction points in a confident yet non confrontation manner, stakeholder management/engagement excellence and so on.

Dave was quick to respond and put together proposals addressing my objectives. During the workshop, Dave has that innate ability to encourage interactivity and enhance the discussion within the group. I have attended many Zoom workshops, but the ones Dave facilitated, was as good as it can get with virtual attendees!

Participants had extremely positive feedback following the workshops, and were keen to put it in practice. However pandemic situation across the region has limited the analysis of true impact. Nevertheless, concepts can be applied internally on how they conduct sales role plays as well as planned communication approach/guidance for sales teams.

Quotation Marks

Business Manager

Global Pharmaceutical Company, Singapore

David was engaged by my company for various training programs including a Customer Engagement Excellence workshop.

The delivery of the course content is very clear and concise; the sessions are always interactive and engaging. Content is very relevant, based on current market needs/issues and the training content is very applicable in practice. In fact I am taking the learnings from these sessions to train my own sales team members so they can apply the strategies and techniques from the training.

Quotation Marks

Medical Affairs Leader

Large Pharmaceutical Company, Japan

In each project related to pulmonary hypertension, Dave has greatly contributed to setting meetings between APAC and each country and promoting mutual understanding. That support is appreciated by us.

He has a long experience in Actelion, so his knowledge of pulmonary hypertension is high from the start. However, he understands the latest information and provides important inputs to business and MAF activities.

During the delivery phase, Dave checked the main points of opinions of people who are not good at English like me each time. As a result of his facilitation ability, action decision can be made faster.

There has been an increased opportunity for our Japan MAF team to collaborate with APAC. As a result, I believe that we have been able to contribute to the entire pulmonary hypertension business of APAC. These things were done because he was there.

Dave is very quick and sincere in responding to e-mail, etc. He is more respectful and diligent than we Japanese.

Quotation Marks

Senior Medical Science Liaison

Pharmaceutical Company, Australia

Dave and The Echelon Effect have gained a reputation in working with clients to both deepen and shift business engagement by identifying the 'question behind the question' and navigating communications/partnerships to reach optimal outcomes. For my position, in Medical Affairs, these skills are vital for me to build and develop authentic professional relationships which enable me to uncover insights and influence on matters that are of shared interest to both my company and my customers.

Dave is a very engaging facilitator and coach. He operates with integrity and a natural style that enables him to ease clients through self-reflection, developmental change, and trail execution of learnt concepts.

I have worked with Dave on multiple occasions and within a variety of contexts. From a personal perspective, Dave helped me build courage and a technique to further enhance my business communications and relationships. More specifically, I feel more equipped to have courageous discussions, sit with silence and delve beyond superficial answers/solutions.

Within my department (both local and regional levels), Dave has led multiple focused workshops which hone-in and explore skills/attributes of top performers. He provides a safe environment in which to 'test' new learnings and has ultimately raised the level of performance among the team.

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Vice President – Relationship Management & Marketing

Global Insurance Company, Australia

We engaged with David Meacham & The Echelon Effect as we were looking for someone external to our organisation who could help us build a training program for our particular needs and would work with us to develop the course content. Dave had worked with one of our staff in a previous employer so we engaged him in discussions on what we wanted and needed.

We were looking to have our staff more aware of how to leverage our current market position as well as how we maintain the relationships and sustain the business over the longer term. We need to plan more and think ahead and ask more questions from the broker and client on their needs but at the same time be strong with our position. The facilitation stage was over a few months so we made sure we hit all the areas we wanted to and Dave learnt more about our business, what we had already achieved and how to bring a fresh set of eyes and ears to the subject.

Since The Echelon Effect training, the focus has shifted for most of the staff involved in the workshops. It is talked about more in an open office environment and the planning is better for the discussions and negotiations. We are looking at doing a follow up session in smaller groups to keep the subject alive and front of mind.

I would recommend working with Dave to get your messages across to the staff in the training and participate and lead some of the discussion to get better outcomes.

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Product Manager

Multinational Healthcare Company, Australia

Having previously worked with Dave I knew he could help when the team I was working in was dealing with challenges around leadership and trust and as a result stalled on progress toward our goals. We needed to find a way to speak openly, have healthy conflict and robust debate but be able to work through that so we could land on a decision and outcome.

Dave has an ability to quickly read the room and tailor his approach to meet the group wherever they are. His facilitation respects those fearful or uncomfortable but he’s able to create a space for that to be acknowledged and worked through so the group can move toward an outcome together.

For individuals he teaches a level of self-reflection that leaves you first considering your own actions and emotional response enabling you to better handle conflict, disappointment and objections, all of which ultimately given you an advantage in the negotiation or challenge.

We saw an immediate change in morale amongst our immediate group and a space where ground rules were respected and where we had a common language to hold each other to account. There was also a change where people would ring each other for support knowing we had a shared experience and understanding where we could safely show vulnerability and have gain support to work through challenges. My immediate team became the most supportive group of colleagues I’d ever experienced.

I’d happily recommend Dave and The Echelon Effect to anyone looking to improve both individual or group performance, and especially those looking to improve performance by increasing an understanding of your own behaviours and how these may be limiting growth, progress or results.

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